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2017 Angel Tree & Silver Bell Adoption Info


The Salvation Army’s
Angel Tree, Silver Bell & Adopt-A-Family Program
The A, B, C’s of the Adoption Process

Up to Eight…
Individuals or companies wishing to adopt less than eight Angels (children) or Silver Bells (seniors) may select them off a tree at any of the following Walmart stores:

  • 10900 Parkside Dr., Knoxville 37934
  • 8445 Walbrook Dr., Knoxville 37923
  • 6777 Clinton Hwy., Knoxville 37912
  • 7550 Norris Fwy., Knoxville 37938
  • 7420 Chapman Hwy., Knoxville 37920
  • 2510 University Commons Way, Knoxville 37919
  • 1030 Hunters Crossing, Alcoa 37701
  • 2410 US Highway 411 S, Maryville 37801

More than Eight…
Individuals or companies adopting eight or more, may complete the Christmas 2017 Community Sponsor Form and send it via email or fax to Major Dawn Worthy at dawn.worthy@uss.salvationarmy.org or (865) 524-7748.  A confirmation of receipt will be sent.

Requests are filled in the order they are received.  Angels, Silver Bells and Adopt-A-Families may be available as early as October 12th, depending on the number of applicants that apply each day.

Gifts are due December 8th
Every Angel Tree, Silver Bell and Adopt-A-Family tag has the wish list for the child(ren) or senior listed on the tag.  All applicants have been screened by caseworkers and will present income and expense verification, including bills for cell phone and cable TV. This not only ensures that the client is in need, but also allows The Salvation Army to see if further assistance can be provided.

The donor adopting the Angel or Silver Bell should not feel that they must purchase everything on the wish list.  The items listed are simply suggestions.  It is our hope that each child or senior will receive at least two gifts.  The items must be new and all gifts for children must be unwrapped.  The donor may include gift wrap for the parent should they choose to do so.

Each tag has a code that identifies the child or senior.  All gifts for that person should be placed in a large trash bag and the tag should be securely attached to the bag.  The code may be marked on the bag itself, but not on the gifts.  Nothing says, “Your family received assistance” more than a code on the gift itself.  Our goal is for the parent to receive items to in turn give to their children as gifts from them on Christmas morning.

Gifts should be returned to The Salvation Army at 409 N. Broadway in Knoxville or any of the Walmart stores listed above by Friday, December 12, 2017.

Distribution begins December 15th so it is very important that all gifts are returned by December 12th.  This allows The Salvation Army to log and process the gifts.

The Salvation Army may be able to pick up gifts for adoptions of eight or more.  Please contact Major David Worthy at (865) 971-4901 to arrange for a pick up.

December 15th & December 19th
Angel Tree ad Silver Bell gifts will be distributed to nearly 2,000 children and seniors this year and many volunteers are needed.  Although it would be fun to have a party for the children, the gifts are distributed to the parents for the purpose of giving the parent gifts to be able to present the child with gifts on Christmas morning.  We do not want the gifts to be from The Salvation Army, but from the parent.  To volunteer for this distribution, please contact Hannah Hankins at (865) 971-4937.

Silver Bell Christmas Party – We feel that many seniors are often lonely during the holidays, so our distribution for seniors ages 62 and up is going to be a PARTY!  We hope to have Santa deliver the gifts at the end of the party.  If you would like to volunteer for this special event or know of a volunteer Santa, please contact Hannah Hankins at (865) 971-4937.

Quite often, donors get busy and forget to drop off their gifts or Angels just aren’t adopted because they’re older ages.  Forgotten Angels and Forgotten Silver Bells will be available with more generic gift suggestions.  These will fill a need for a child or senior who wasn’t adopted during the holiday season.

If your company, church or employee party would like to conduct a toy drive, we would love and welcome your donation!  We especially need toys for children ages 10-14.  Suggestions:  curling irons, make-up kits, fishing poles, basketballs, new Xbox360 games, new PS4 games, unique board games, action figures, Barbies, Legos or other building toys.

Angel Tree was created by The Salvation Army in 1979 by Majors Charlie & Shirley White, who are retired officers now living in Tennessee.  The name was given by permission of Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship, who owns the Angel Tree title.  The Prison Fellowship and The Salvation Army are the only programs that should use the Angel Tree name.  We are honored to have the opportunity to work with this and so many other good organizations, businesses and individuals during the Christmas season!

The Salvation Army couldn’t do what we do without great people in the community like YOU!  Thank you for all that you do to help the needy in our area.  We appreciate your generosity!

Download the Christmas Assistance ABCs of Adoption

Download Christmas 2017 Community Sponsor Form

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